Yuyu Toys is a Finnish startup founded in 2021 by three mothers – and friends – but our product development began in early 2020. Our mission is to support families by giving them the tools to strengthen the relationship between adults and children while supporting kids’ healthy development with methods learned from Finnish pedagogical expertise, the Finnish Early Childhood Education system, and the Finnish Care curriculum.

With Yuyu toys, everyone has the chance to act as a highly-skilled Finnish teacher to their loved ones.

Our home is in Espoo, Finland and we collaborate with pedagogical experts and educational organizations around Finland and the wider world.

Driven by sustainability

Since the beginning, we wanted to make sustainable and design-focused toys that would last through generations. We highly appreciate all handcrafts and natural materials, so we quite quickly ended up creating our blocks of wood. To be more precise, birch, very iconic to Finland.

We focus on designing open-ended toys that stimulate creative play and engage children in creating their own stories. Our toys’ design is minimalistic, leaving space for children’s imagination to flourish.

We elaborate on high-quality, non-toxic materials that make our toys last and bring families joy for years. We chose sustainability and quality over quantity. Therefore, we elaborate on high-quality, hand-crafted wooden toys.