Children learning through play with wooden toy blocks.

Finnish Early Childhood Education

By Solja Sulkunen

April 14th, 2021

2 minutes read

I am one of the lucky ones. I live in Finland where we have probably the best public daycare system in the world. At least in my opinion. I am truly grateful for having such amazing people to support me in helping my kids grow and develop every day. I myself am a class teacher but still, I have to admit, that it all starts so much earlier than from the school bench. I have to raise my hat to all kindergarten teachers in the world.

The importance of focusing on the early years

I am also an idealist. I want all the children and adults to be able to experience meaningful and developmental play sessions through storytelling and imagination. During my career in education and the business around it, I came to realize that focusing on the early years is the key. This is how you create healthy foundations for your children to grow and develop.

I know how hard it might be sometimes – after a long day at work to arrange a time for you and the little one. Or how hard it might be to find the energy for that, let alone coming up with games and stories and play sessions on your own! Or how difficult it can feel to bond with a child you don’t see too often, but who means the world to you and with whom you’d like to form a trusting and caring relationship.

Can 15 minutes a day be enough?

I wanted to do something about it. In the sports ads, they always say how only a 15 minutes workout a day is enough to get you in shape. I am not a personal trainer, so I am not sure about that. However, I dare to say that 15 minutes of intentional play per day can make a difference for a  child. It can make a difference in their learning, development, and self-esteem.

15 minutes of mutual playtime per day shows your kid that you are listening, seeing, and present 100% for that time. I challenge you to give it a try and I promise to help you as well as I can!

How Yuyu makes you a Finnish teacher to your little ones

Yuyu, together with a network of early childhood teachers and experts from Finland, continuously creates new play sessions so that in each home, you could engage in play with your child or children as easily as possible.

Our activity cards are based on the Finnish ECEC curriculum that includes five main learning areas – The rich world of languages, The many forms of expressions, Me and my communities, Exploring and operating in the environment, and lastly – Growing, moving, and developing.

By following Yuyu activity cards you too can become a Finnish teacher to your little ones. In addition, you get pedagogically designed Yuyu Curious blocks to play with and you’ll be able to join Yuyu Club. Yuyu Club provides you with pedagogically designed activities in an online format on a monthly basis. 

We know you can do it, but maybe with just a little help from a friend? Are you ready to try?