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Yuyu Philosophy

Our purpose is to produce alternative options to pure plastic toys for increased sustainability. Therefore, Yuyu blocks are made of solid wood. All Yuyu products are produced in the EU or made in Finland. 

Our block’s minimalistic design leaves space for the child to explore, experiment, interpret the geometric forms and even reinterpret the different shapes. What if mixing and combining the same pieces leads you to different results? Let your imagination run wild and tell us what kind of combinations you will come up with?

Our spearhead product

Yuyu Curious Starter kit

Yuyu Curious Starter kit includes five unique wooden blocks that can be combined together in many different ways – only your imagination is the limit!

Yuyu wooden blocks are non-toxic and eco-friendly because they are made from birch and the surface is treated with non-toxic wax. The blocks are manufactured by our trusted partners, wood craftsmen, in Finland and elsewhere within the EU. The blocks are a result of over a year of design, prototyping, and testing with early childhood education-aged children and their parents.

Father and daughter playing together with Yuyu curious blocks and activity cards
Included in Starter kit

Activity cards

The Starter Kit includes 8 activity cards. The playtime you create with Yuyu activities will be different each time. When you turn the cards around, you can start building a world of your own and create the most peculiar places with your Yuyu blocks!

Play sessions

The activity cards are pre-designed play sessions. One session lasts 10-15 minutes but nothing stops you from continuing the play as long as you feel like it! The content itself is designed by Finnish teachers and professionals of music, wellbeing, nutrition, and literacy, for example. The activities are super easy to conduct and this way everyone can be a Finnish teacher to their dearest ones for a moment.

Yuyu Musical Journey

Yuyu activity cards include also Musical Journeys or sounds of the surroundings your Activity Card leads you into. Use your imagination to build your own adventures with the different journeys Yuyu offers.