Transition to daycare

Smooth transition to Early Childhood education

By Laura Lahin

August 25th, 2021

3 minutes read

The start of Early Childhood Education (ECE) is extremely exciting – both for the child and caregivers. Only going to the familiar daycare after the summer holidays might feel like a big change for the whole family, especially if the child’s group or teachers have been changed. What should you take into account to make the transition from home to ECE as smooth as possible for everyone?


Don’t be afraid to ask!

If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to discuss them with your child’s teacher and nurses. They are there to answer all your worries. There are no stupid questions: the staff knows that this is a completely new situation for you and your family. They want you to feel as calm and happy as possible and they know that you are not familiar with all the conventions there are in the kindergarten. This applies also if your child transfers from kindergarten to another or even the group within the same kindergarten: customs might be a bit different even within the same daycare center.

It’s also good to remember that your child spends several hours daily with the staff of the daycare center: it’s wise to get to know them a little yourself too! This makes it easier to build a trusting relationship with the teachers and nurses.


When making the transition keep the routines

Your child experiences a huge change in their life when they start going to ECE. It might be the biggest change in their whole life so far! So much new to learn: new people, new places, new ways to do things. Make sure the familiar side of their life stays stable: that means keeping routines at home stationery.


Don’t make any plans!

This doesn’t mean don’t plan your life at all. But this is definitely not the best time to start new hobbies or plan weekend getaways! It’s the same with the routines: try to keep life as simple as possible at home, so you and your child can have time to get used to the new ECE-life in peace.



spend time together as family

Spend time together

Your child probably has been spending a lot of time with you during the summer. Make sure you spend restful quality time together after the ECE starts! You will miss each other during the days, so remember to make time for your relationship. Eat dinner together, spend time outdoors or just chat about the events of the day. Playing together is the best way to show your child love and respect. Yuyu-blocks are a great way to spend time together after a long day at daycare and work!


The start may be difficult, but it will get easier

You might feel terrible to leave your child during the first weeks. They might be crying and you spend your whole day thinking, are they still crying, are they OK and counting minutes until the moment you’ll see each other again. Mornings may be hard, but it’s wise to come up with a routine for leaving and keep up with it. Often children stop crying within minutes after the parent is gone. Favourite toys or pictures of family members are a great help if they start missing you during the day. Your child will quickly learn that they don’t need to worry, you will always pick them up in the afternoon!